Plain / Flavoured Chocolates

We, at Reema Singh’s The Chocolate Factory, specialize in making handcrafted premium quality homemade chocolates and offer a wide range of flavours to choose from. The homemade chocolates are 100% vegetarian. We handcraft premium quality homemade plain chocolates, nuts filled chocolates, centre filled chocolates, covertures chocolates, truffles, dry fruit rocks, Sugar free Chocolates, essence chocolates or any other imported chocolates of your choice.

  • Plain or flavoured chocolate : Where it all begins...Pure unadulterated rich dark velvety melt-in-mouth cocoa.

    Rs. 650/- kg

Flavoured : Pineapple | Pan | Butterscotch | Strawberry | Mint | Mix Fruit | Orange | Coffee

Minimum order quantity 400 pieces for kg rates to be applicable.

One kg chocolates have approximately 60 - 75 pieces depending on the moulds

Note: Images are for representation purpose only.